United Kingdom

Private Limited Company (Ltd) e.o.

Registered Office Address Service

1st Business Solutions Agents can provide various registered office address services to your company:

  • Coventry – Midlands
  • London – UK
  • Edinburgh - Scotland
Virtual Address Service - mail forwarding service

Mail can be forwarded overseas for any of the above addresses for an additional fee per year. Virtual a ddresses are available in London or Coventry for a low annual fee and then a deposit to cover postage costs.

Nominee Company Secretary
1st Business Solutions can arrange an entity to act as your nominee company secretary for 12 months for an additional fee.

Points of Intrest to incorperate a LTD:

  • Company name
  • Director/shareholder
  • Registerd Office + Registration at Companies House
  • Min. of 2 shares with a min. deposit of GBP 1.00 p/sh

The Netherlands


Since October 1, 2012, it is possible to establish a private company with limited liability (Flex BV) similar to an LTD. Because the requirement of a minimum capital of €18.000, - has been dropped the incorperation of a 'FLEX-BV' has become easier. In addition to the minimum capital requirement for a normal 'BV' also the auditor statement and bank statement is no longer neseccary.

Points of Intrest to incorperate a FLEX-BV:

  • Company name
  • Director/shareholder
  • A notarial deed of incorparation
  • Registration of the FLEX-BV in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (CoC)
  • The requirement to deposit an initial capital of €18.000, - has lapsed, a deposit of €0,01 (or more) is now enough
  • You have more freedom to setup the statutes. What is required to be in the statutes: the company name, location, purpose of the FLEX BV, the shared capital and the arrangements for the directors who suddenly retire (due to illness or suspension for example). Here you may not deviate from the regular BV statutes.


UG – Unternehmergesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung

The German equivalent of the English Limited and an alternative to the Dutch Flex BV the UG, also called the "GmbH-light ' The UG has a low capital requirement and is therefore particularly interesting for starters. In addition, the costs of establishing UG are lower than a regular GmbH.

The shareholders are liable only for the amount for which they participate in the UG. Finally. A 'UG' is in fact required to annually reserve 25% of the profit as capital. When the minimum capital of a GmbH (€ 25.000,-) has been reached, it is possible to convert the UG in a 'normal' GmbH, this conversion is not mandatory.

Points of Intrest to incorperate a UG:

  • Company name: The chosen company name is appended "UG (limited liability)" or "entrepreneurial company (limited liability)."
  • Company stamp: Not mandatory, but often very useful
  • Director/shareholder
  • Bank account in the name of the UG
  • Opening balance sheet: created by your German tax advisor for you
  • Trade Certificate: The business license can be obtained from your local community
  • Shareholders' agreement: This is also called statutes. For the UG a simplified model statutes can be used
  • Notary: For the certification of the shareholder agreement, a notary is required
  • Entry in the commercial register: According to the notarization of the Statute.

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